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Good-bye to 2018

The year is almost at a closing and what a year it has been!

For me, my book Meera Rising was only a prelude to the coming celebrations that the universe had stored for me.

My second novella,Rosemary’s Retribution was launched in May this year and oh what a glamourous ride we had with it! Kumud Merani from SBS coming from Sydney to launch it and in the same month I was able to complete a script with my co-writer for Meera Rising.

But things are always not perfect in a writer’s world.

Once again, I found myself standing in the hospital beside my mum for her heart condition. However, this time it was different. I had my sister beside me. The strength of family is the most important bond that makes me as writer able to carry on and I was able to write 2 short films and 1feature film.

The most important highlight of this year has certainly been that I have been able to complete the manuscript for my memoir.

Then after a difficult few months it seems there was a change of heart by the universe - surprising me in November with news that Meera Rising and Rosemary’s Retribution were finalists in the American Best Book Awards!

So, dear friends as the curtain draws on 2018 I wish you love, positivity and happiness. When we embrace the highs in our career, we should also learn to accept the failures and challenges. And a big lesson for me this year has been the test of ‘patience’.

Keep dreaming because if you dare to dream you will dare to fulfil!

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