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'Filotimo' -Pixozimo is the Greek word which almost cannot be translated - but definately is unique.

My friend Evie explains to me 'Filotimo' it is honouring,prize,philanthropic- welcoming a friend. The Greeks are proud to bathe others in their hospitality.

Welcoming friends and family and translating this unique way to food. No one comes out of their house with an empty stomache and certainly not empty handed.

As Chinese New Year is upon us - let us take this moment and celebrate all cultures- not only for the love of food but for the love of hospitality of the host.

I say thank you to my friend Susan Som - her mum who I lovingly call 'Mama Som- packs my dinner or she will decorate a plate of her gorgeous cooking, whenever I visit her. This time a lunchbox packed with sambal egg and rice. She aslo squeezed in some lipsmacking delicious meatballs.

It is also because of Evie Diamanti I write this post today - it was just when she was packing me another lunch box with corn fritters and muffins I was telling her I would want to write a blog on them and how beautifully she was explaining about 'Filotimo' I was mesmerized. You see when you go out seeking a topic- the topic just comes to you bathing you in their hospitality - Greek, Chinese Indian or Aussies when it comes to food it has no translation- just one transaction one translation -'love and the love of the host'.

Mama Som's Sambal Egg with Rice - Super sexy chillies and that fiery tasting teasing your tounge was so yummy.

Mama Som's pork meatballs went down well with sambal sauce. Delicious!!!

Evie Diamanti's delicious Corn Fritters - I just loved it with Dijon Mustard Sauce. It just takes these juicy, cheesy fritters to another level.

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