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Most of you know that my short script 'Brush Strokes' was in consideration for quarterfinal position - I received an e-mail today. As good as my script was, they we're sorry to say that my script has not been chosen as a Quarterfinalist in the Fall 2018 Los Angeles International Screenwriting Awards.

But I should feel proud of the fact that my script--after being closely reviewed by multiple judges--was ranked as among the Top 18% of all entries received. My script missed the Quarterfinals by a very narrow margin. Out of 2300 submissions.

Very happy fo the winners. . I will keep writing and creating stories and sometimes its also about cherishing the fact that we are story tellers - just keep writing and creating!

I also say Thank - you to the amazig Les Zig for mentoring me and always encouraging me with this script. Les Zig @LosAngeles International Screenplay awards. #screenwriters#stories.

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