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Hope and dreams for this year - Managing health issues....

Life isn’t the same for anyone who goes through big changes especially if it’s in the form of a major accident.

My life changed forever after 2011 but I was in denial until 2016 when I made finally made many rounds to the doctors and physical rehab. Eventually I was confirmed with a diagnosis …. a cognitive disability.

I have fought against all odds and made writing my absolute obsession. If people, ask me about my relationship status - you know the romantic way - I say yes, I’m in love! Of course, I am in love - in love with writing and my creativity. Creating beautiful stories inspired by real life events and screenplays are my first love. So, you see there is no room for a man it would mean I am cheating.

I still get dizzy from time to time and feel the world is crashing down because of my vestibular migraine. Some days I can’t get up with my arthritis and now my most recent diagnosis - an autoimmune thyroid disorder.

So, to have a healthy relationship with my creativity - I have to have an absolute healthy body, mind and soul.

Plans to change a low carb diet and keep myself active and protect my mind from negative influences. ‘I should have no enemies within, so I have no enemies outside.”

Apply depression in a healthy conversation rather than making it a negative innovation.

According to Buddha’s teachings - “What you think- you become. What you feel - you attract and What you imagine You create.”

Like I wish for my health this year - I hope you all reach your life state - loving one another and have a peaceful journey. What happened in 2018 is gone and you can’t change it but what you can change is the next course of direction - your thought process for 2019 and beyond.

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