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My Serious Infatuation about cats!

I didn’t know until I was face to face with one. It was in 2017 I find myself not only introducing myself to this massive personal growth but also with cats.

I thought I was infatuated with food, perfume, clothes and even stationaries- but these are to relinquish our wants, our taste buds - our senses and visions. To actually be infatuated by a cat, it’s a different genre of infatuation.

Recently last year my good friend had to leave her cat for 2 weeks. She is a beautiful tabby and she has known me over the year but we never had the proper introduction. A new place for cats means trouble for them. They not only have to like the environment but also the person who’s minding them. It was three days of hell for her.

She would hide herself under the sofa in my office. With her curious eyes, she would look at me - it was like saying “Who the hell are you?” She would whimper for my friend. With a faint trepidation in my heart I would slowly slide the water and the food tray with her dry biscuits. The scene was the same until I brought my friends blanket out, she quietly comes out doing her catwalk looking at me -I patted her back and after few minutes she gives me head bumps on my had.

Since then we are buds - infatuated with each other - My love for cats is a certainty- call it love call it infatuation. It’s a relationship based on trust, respect and patience.

My infatuation with Kyra the cat.

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