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Where there is hope!

I recently came about few posts on social media on domestic violence- especially about women of Indian background in Australia.

Especially those women coming from villages getting married to students here and bringing the dowry to help them pay for their education.

It is not only them It is also about those educated women and men who suffer in the hands of bullying partners- its all about control ! How much blame can one shame the other to boost the ego,

It starts at home !

A young innocent child, say 5 yrs can see his or her father or mother getting drunk and abusing each other- the child begin to question in his or her innocent mind - it is normal and henceforth it bears the torch to hand to the next generation. Its not Culturally! Its definately not OK.

We have 'Hope ' that in the world of gender matter, diversity and this whole theory and controversy of politcal correctness- today is the day to create this awareness - stop the Blame game 'is not ' okay to be bullied and to be tortured in silence 'is not ok'.

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